April 26, 2017 029 (2)Who I am

My name is Nathan. I graduated four years of Bible school at the International House of Prayer University in Kansas City, Missouri. Nearing graduation during the Spring of 2016, God began to place it on my heart to move back to Nazareth, the place where I grew up. It had been many years since I had lived in Nazareth, so the move back wasn’t as simple as one would think. After wrestling with God, I booked a ticket and with no actual plan at all in ministry. Once I arrived, God began to reveal where I should be and what  I should be doing. I arrived in Israel in September of 2016 and joined the HOPE staff in  October. Since then, God has placed me on the wall in this house of prayer. There are many different aspects to my ministry as I stand here in the land and minister. Some of these areas include; committing to specific prayer watches, training and equipping in the Harp and Bow model, continuously keeping the house of prayer functioning, running the men’s ministry, training and equipping the young generation and serving the local body. These are some of the many aspects of where and how I serve. Outside of the house of prayer, God has me building and strengthening relations within the body of Christ for the sake of unity and contending for the goal of one unified family.

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I’m just going to answer the question that several people have asked me as I was working on the website. Why call the website, “One Unified Family” when there is nothing very specific on the site about the family unity? The website name came to me after I finished creating my ministry heart beat logo. There is a story behind it all. The question that I heard the  Lord ask me as I began establishing my ministry was, “What is this all about? Where are you going? What are you trying to achieve? After everything is over, what’s the point?”. In all honesty, I couldn’t really answer the question at the moment.  After thinking about it for a while, it dawned on me, it’s all about family. At the end of the day; after preaching, after evangelizing the lost, praying for the sick, after establishing ministries and building people; after all of that, it all comes down to one unified family, one unified body being reconciled to Him. After answering the title question, the question that often follows is, “Why the heart logo?” If my ministry is about the unity of the family, then the heart is the representation of the unified family heart beat. The heart beat that is in sync with the heart of the Father. One body and One heart!