PIONEERS: PEOPLE WILL ATTACK YOU – Jeremiah Johnson Ministries


” As a pioneer, you cannot do the will of God without challenging the way things have always been and causing catalytic changes in the body of Christ. This will inevitably cause many to stumble, scoff, criticize and falsely accuse you.


There is a demonic strategy set up against every pioneer in their generation that is not only aimed at destroying them but also scattering the followers. If Satan’s attack is successful, everyone involved will come out of the battle hurt and wounded. Remember, Satan uses people to attack, criticize, and question pioneers so that those who are getting set free, refreshed, and empowered by their life and ministry will become confused, disoriented, and altogether stop listening to the emerging pioneers.

Pioneers, you cannot allow yourself to become so easily manipulated by people’s criticisms and attacks. Do not try to maintain peace in your heart and life based off of whether people accept or reject you. From my own personal experiences, most of the time God will not deliver you from your accusers, but rather He will actually save you by killing the part of you that is vulnerable to the devil by using the accusations themselves.

As a pioneer, you must recognize that both God and the devil want you to die, but for different reasons. Satan wants to destroy you through attacks and criticisms and then drain you by your unwavering need to explain yourself and your side of the story. (Please stop wasting your time and energy doing this!) On the other hand, God wants to crucify that part in you that was so easily exploited by the devil to begin with. The rest and peace that you are so desiring in your life and ministry will only come when you finally die to what people say and think about you.

Pioneers, in order to deliver you from the praise of men, God will baptize you in their criticisms and attacks. It is painful. You will lose many friendships along the way and the misunderstands will be many. You will pay a price that most around you will never see not understand. You are speaking a language of reform and awakening that many in the body of Christ just don’t have an eye or ear for yet. Do not grow discouraged and most of all, do not be surprised when the attacks and criticisms come. Rather than rushing to defend or explain yourself, my advice would be to go before the Lord and ask Him, “What inside of me are you exposing through the accusation and attacks of others that need to die?”

I admit as an emerging pioneer in this generation that I have not always responded well to the attacks and criticisms of many. The loss of friendships and the misunderstandings have been very painful over the years. I was truly unprepared for what lies ahead of me when God began to open major doors in the body of Christ some years ago. My sincere hope and prayer is that my mistakes and ultimately the revelation of what I have shared above might benefit other pioneers. Your perspective and response to the attacks and criticisms of others will define and shape you far more than you will ever realize. I’m eternally grateful for several spiritual fathers who have walked me through these pioneering years and I apologize to those who I might have unnecessarily offended along my journey pursuing the mandate God has given me. Who knew that God is so good, that He chooses to use even the accusation and attacks of our enemies to conform us into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

May God grant us His grace to remain broken, humbled, and ultimately delivered from both the praise and criticism of men.

Forever Learning.”

Jeremiah Johnson


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