Life Reflection


Sit down and reflect. Sometimes it’s good to sit down and think of the past 2, 4, 6, 8 years that have passed. Today I’m doing a lot of that. 2-4 years ago (2013-2015), I was in Bible school. 6 years ago (2011), I was living in San Francisco Bay Area and had just graduated high school and moving to Kansas City. 8 years ago (2009), I was in my Sophomore year of high school. So much has changed. 360 degrees has changed in my life. Why am I saying this? To prove one thing…. none of what I planned went according to how I planned it. NONE! Looking at today and then thinking of 8 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I would have been moving back to Nazareth and/or be in full-time ministry. 8 years is not a long time for so much of who I am, what my desires are, my aspirations for life, my passions, my relationship with God and where I live to change so much. About 80% of my plan that was planned out 8 years ago never happened. If there is one lesson that I have learned about life in the past eight years is that Change is necessary and is going to happen. The season you are in now is for now, but that will change. Change is a “No No” word with a lot of people. Change = bad = fear = discomfort; that’s how a lot of people think. Change is a very good thing! Embrace it! Change has been the vehicle that formed who I am today. The discomfort of change is what molded me to who I am today. The discomfort of everything I thought my life to be and where my life is going in the future to be challenged by God is very uncomfortable. If God had never stepped into “My Plan”, I would have never been to bible school, I would have never discovered my passion for ministry and everything within it, I would have never approached the topic of leaving the States and I would probably be doing something not so fulfilling with my life. God’s divine intervention is for your benefit. Consider your life in the past 4-8 years and think about where you were and where you are. In 8 years God changed a whole lot of my life. God has gently led my life this far with the difficulty of change, but it’s all been good! If He has led me this far and this well, what amazing plans does he have for my future? God’s divine intervention is for my benefit. 


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