Bible Chat #2

Psalm 42-1.jpgEvery day, you wake up and you eat breakfast. You eat because you need food to sustain yourself.  And so every day, your spirit needs to be sustained with the Word of God. Fill yourself with the Word continuously. The more that the Word fill your heart and mind, the less room there is to be filled by the things of this world. today’s Bible Chat is about Psalm 42:1. This verse was everywhere I go. God was really having me meditate on this verse today. This verse has such depth to it, but what does it really mean? I have heard these words used in Christian poetry, worship songs and even in people’s prayers, but do we really know what this means. To some, this verse may be something you know and understand, but to others, this may be very foreign and new. Let’s break it down and look at it literally; a “deer panting for the water brooks”, speaks of desperation.  Have you ever run a marathon and then had that first drink of water? It is the best feeling in the world. This is the cry of man! My soul is like a panting deer, if I do not have you, I will not live. This is the cry of the depths of the human heart that has long been lost. If my soul does not get God, I will not survive. My soul is panting, is desperate for you God. Consider these words for a moment. We sometimes can just quickly look over verses in the bible without fully grasping the intensity of what is being said. Can you honestly say that your soul desires, is desperate and is panting for God? We don’t wake up and decide that we were not going to eat food for a few day, but that is exactly what we are doing to our soul. Our soul is starving for God because we treat God as an option and not a necessity to life. The condition of my soul completely reflects upon whether or not I’m getting with God. This verse is a constant reminder of the condition of my soul and it always brings me back to crying out for more of God and to desire Him above all else.

These are my thoughts. Let me know what you think and want to hear your thoughts about this verse too. 

Eat the Word and Search it out.


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