Bible Chat #1

Psalm 24- 3-4

This will be the first of many “Bible Chats” that I’m planning on doing on the website. The point is to get the Word of God out and get people reading the bible again.

Today is one of those days that I really need the Word of God in me and this was the verse that caught my eye today. If you read all of chapter 24, it speaks of a generation of people, the generation of Jacob who is found with clean hands, pure hearts and did not defile themselves. It is those who may ascend to the hill of the Lord. But, what does that really mean? Sometimes we look at Bible verses like it is completely understood. We found in verse 3  a question and an invitation. In verse 4 we find the conditions in which we may be able to receive this invitation. In the days of the prophets, in the days where the Spirit of God dwelled within the Arch, to approach God one must first be clean. Clean is a relative word in this case. God is saying, he who has lived his life according to my ways and my laws can ascend the hill of the Lord. He who has not defiled himself can enter into the holy of holies. Now, this is an impossible requirement that no human in this sinful and broken world can achieve. In verse 5 it says, He shall receive blessing from the LordAnd righteousness from the God of his salvation.” This is a gift from God through righteousness and salvation to ascend the hill of the Lord. These are my thoughts. Let me know what you think and want to hear your thoughts and these verses too. 

Eat the Word and search it out.


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