Worship As A Weapon


The ministry that I serve under is an all Arabic house of prayer in the land of Israel. The fact that we are the only Arabic house of prayer, makes us stand out. The world that I live in is dominated by the Spirit of Islam. Even before I open my eyes, words of death have been uttered over the region. Three times a day, you will hear the call to prayer and words that are spoken in the mosque are echoing throughout Nazareth. The world in which I live is either worship unto King Jesus or a very vocal Islamic worship. The significance that we have an Arabic house of prayer existing in an all Arabic populated city, proclaiming Jesus and an incense arising from the hill tops of Nazareth to the throne of the Father is miraculous. When you live in a religious atmosphere and religion is all around you, worship becomes a life line and lifestyle. When you live under the haze of Islam, worship is no longer a luxury, but a breath of life to your soul.

As a house of prayer, we are an alter of worship and praise unto the Lord. We stand in the midst of this land as a burning and shining lamp for the people. The battle between these two worship movements is a battle of words. The words which I proclaim over my life, family, city, nation and the region will have an effect. If I  choose to speak life, then life is what I will reap of my words. If I choose to speak death, then death is what will follow me. In Malachi 1:11 says, “In every place incense shall be offered to My name, And a pure offering; For My name shall be great among the nations”. The altar of worship that I am establishing in my city; and as I offer up my worship, prayer, and praise unto the Lord is about one thing, that His name to be great among the nations. The name and the words of Jesus spoken over my region would reap life, and that He would have the last word. Not Islam, not their prophet, not their followers, not any other god; just Him. Worship is not a luxury. Worship is a weapon! If you set your heart to worship in your city, watch and see your city be transformed for His name’s sake. It is a sign and a wonder in this day and age to see Arabic speaking people groups take their places on the wall of Intercession, proclaim the promises/prophecies of God and declare life over their lives and regions. God is raising up this younger generation to be a generation who can stand face to face in front of the spirit of Isalm and proclaim the life, truth promises of Jesus.  Worship is a weapon and with every weapon, it takes time getting used to using it. But, it first takes the step of faith to pick up the weapon and to begin to learn. Learn to fight with worship. Worship, it’s the weapon of our warfare. 


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