Dor Haba (Next Generation) Youth Worship Camp


The Dor Haba youth worship camp was so life changing for all of the youth who attended. I and two other Arab youth leaders came to this camp from the North and we brought  25 young adults between the ages of 12-18. These are hungry middle school/high school students who have a heart for worship. Altogether, we had over 100 youth (Arab/Jew) and we had people from IHOPKC and other ministries who came to serve. As a leader, I got to talk to a lot of the kids and hear their hearts, their struggles and hear their questions. This camp was a 100% success for one reason; they left knowing the difference between intimacy in worship and performance. The day they walked in, worship was really all about them and their audience. The day they left, it was all about Him. One of my guys came up to me and said, “I refuse to go back to Nazareth and live my life like normal if  I can not have this in my daily life”. They are hungry and thirsty for more of God. Now back in Nazareth, we are continuing with the hunger that was kindled in the camp and have begun a weekly Harp and Bowl training. This camp was not just a benefit to the house of prayer, but to the local church. These youth spent five intensive days learning, training and praying to be sent back to their churches. My team and I were so excited to see the outcome of this camp and we can not wait until next year.



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  1. S. D. says:

    I am so excited to hear that you are doing this. Amazing. Praying the Lord will keep Blessing you! Setting you and the youth of Israel on fire. Amazing.

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  2. Thank you! We are so excited to see what God is doing with the youth in the land!


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