An Imperfect Family History

You know at the beginning of the year when you begin reading Mathew 1:1 and you get bored reading all of these names. You begin to wish the writers of the bible were to skip over this. So you go ahead and skip verse one to seventeen, up until Christ is born and things start getting fun and interesting. Yeah, well we all do that. But, have you ever wondered why those names are there? Everyone’s bible usually has headings to section, so it will tell you that this is the genealogy of Jesus. But, have you actually looked into each individuals name? Have you researched their lives. The fourteen generations from Abraham to Joseph of Bethlehem, this is the lineage of the Holy One. If you dig into the stories from one child to the next, not all are holy sanctioned children, so to say. Jesus has such a broken and sinful lineage, it is not even funny. Why am I bringing up His lineage? Have you ever taken time to think about the background that Jesus chose to come into the world through. No one knew other that God from what line Jesus would come through. The entirety of the  old testament was a series of events, follow a single lineage of people to lead up to climax of the story, the birth of the Messiah. But God chose to come  through the brokenness of humanity. That alone says something about the character of God. During the time of the birth of the Messiah, everyone knowing about the prophecy of the coming King. No one expected Him to be born to a lowly virgin girl. The King of Kings, Lord of Lords who deserves to be born into a Kingdom. His humility meekness and lowliness speaks louder than words themselves. Jesus came through broken humanity for the sake of the broken humanity. He came for the broken, to save them. He came to unify this family to Him and redeem the sinfulness and brokenness of His family. This says what kind of God He is and what kind of Kingdom He is setting up. It’s about One Unified Family!

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