He Chose A Sinners Death

Easter is a time of remembrance, honor and renewed thankfulness for the sacrifice that Jesus was. We often get caught up in the celebratory factor of Easter that we over look how sober the reality of what He really did for us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking out against celebrating, because there is apart of Easter that is about celebration. The cross of Christ should be something that we as Christians always think about, meditate on and gaze into. If you grew up in Church, the story of Jesus dying on the Cross is the first thing you learned. It is the first thing that we learned as children, but it is the one thing about Jesus we give so little attention to. There is something that is so powerful about the God that Jesus was. If you look at the other religions and faiths in the world, you find that those deities ask for humans to sacrifice themselves for their god. Muslims, giving themselves to death for the sake of Allah in hope of making it to paradise. Hindu’s, suffering for the sake of their god in hope that their good deeds will allow them passage into heaven. What strikes me the most of Jesus is His character. He is so selfless, humble, kind, meek, merciful, and patient, but He didn’t have to be. He is the only God that chose to suffer a sinners death, be falsely accused and die for the sake of a broken humanity. What kind of God is this? He laid His life down, so that I may have a life. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, I may live. He died on the cross for the sake of my sins, overcame sin and death and rose again from the grave. We grieve His death, but remember and celebrate His resurrection. His resurrection made it possible for me to to be free. My freedom is because God died on the cross. We take this story so lightly, but it means everything. The moment that God arose from the grave as a fully man and fully God who over came death, it changed the rules of life. God made a way into everlasting  life. We do not have to fear death anymore, because through Jesus we can now live forever with Him. I know that this story you have heard so many times, but we should never be use to the truth. The truth is a person and that person is Jesus, the Son of the living God. I never want this to be old. On this Good Friday, remember who this man was, what He did, the sacrifice He paid and what He overcame. On this Good Friday, remember to thank the Lord for the sacrifice He paid for the sake of your sins.

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