This is the question of ages, who am I. The wrestle of identity is seen throughout the pages of scripture, but yet still today that wrestle is all the more relevant. From one  people group to another, you will find the struggle to find ones place. Where I live in Israel, the people here scream for the reality of the identity of God. When identity is spoken of in scripture, it has everything to do with who I am being rooted in everything that God is. When I hear about the physical identity, it is all rooted in everything that God isn’t. If you search the scripture, no where in the bible does God mention the importance in who I am as an ethnicity or race. When I die and I am standing before the throne of God, God leans down and asks me who I am, what am I going to say? I’m American, French, Arab, Jewish, Spanish, etc… I remember when I was new going to bible college and the Lord asked me a question, “Is your ethnic identity your eternal identity?” In other words, is your identity rooted in something that is eternal? Mathew 24:35 says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the word of God shall never pass away.” His word is constant and it stays the same. There is no grey area, it’s all black and white. Scripture speaks of my identity as a son of God, as a coheir to the throne, prince, priest, bride, friend and much more. But, there is no where the emphasizes or elaborates the need for my identity to be in the physical idea of identity. That is why we have such a global identity crisis, everyone is looking in the wrong places for the wrong thing. Humanity has a yearning to know who they are, but are identifying with something that will burn away. If I choose to root myself in the word of  God and who He says I am, nothing will every shake me, move or cause me doubt in God or myself. Consider the picture of a little boy and his dad. The little boy grows, learns and discovers new things about life everyday. How a child knows who he is, is by listening to his father. It’s the Father who calls out the sons identity. We as a people have lost this concept. This does not just apply with the God and humanity relationship,this very much applies with a physical father and son. If I do not go to the Father, I will not know who I am. Being rooted and grounded in the word of God and what He says about is the key. The moment you know who God says you are, you will be at peace. The step to walk towards this, is to allow God to speak into your identity. This means your walls have to go down and you will need to allow Jesus to walk in. As the simple question. Jesus, who do you say that I am?


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