Pray For Egypt

In recent events in the nation of Egypt, a horrific bombing of a Coptic Church that resulted in several dead and over a hundred people injured. I and many are grieved over this news that reached us last Sunday morning. As I sat in Church, listening to an Easter sermon, the news reached our ears that our brothers and sisters have been attacked. Just a small border divides my nation and the nation of Egypt. Our hearts our with all who have lost love ones. We pray comfort and strength over the people of Egypt. The Egyptian Christians have a history of persecution going as far back as the Romans. These Christians have been under persecution for hundreds of years. I watched a video of woman who lost her husband in the bombing. All she kept saying was to pray for the young man who committed to crime. Forgive the people who attacked us. How much like Christ the Egyptian believers have proven to be. Continue to pray for the Church in Egypt and the people who have lost loved ones in the catastrophe. We love Egypt!

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